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Today's post is on making some revenue from your Android App. This is the plus point of Android App. Both the Android and Nokia Apps have one PLUS points each. Nokia App has a plus point of free publishing in OVI market and Android App has a plus point of making money from it.
There are two ways of making money from the Android App But for this, you must have to publish your app in Android Market . Without publishing it in Android Market, you cannot make money. Why? You will get the answer at the end of this post.

Display AdSense On your Mobile App

Sounds Good ? Obviously what can be better than adsense to generate some revenue. You can add Adsense to your Android App to make money. For this, you have to create an account at AdMob. 

What is Admob?

In simple words, AdMob is the Mobile version of Adsense. It is used for Android Apps. You do not have to make a new account. You just use your existing Adsense Account. 
How To use AdMob in Android Apps ? 
1- Go to AdMob 
2- Sign in with your Adsense Gmail Account. 
3- Register with AdMob 
4- Choose Payment Method ( Paypal Option Available ) 
5- Add your App's Android Market Link. ( This is why i said above that you must have to publish your app in Market because AdMob only registers the Published Apps . You will get your App's Market link once you publish it in Android Market ) 
6- After approval, you will get a unique code. Now this code you have to put inibuildapp where your app is hosted. 
Follow the images to clear everything : 
setting up adsense on mobile 
This is Your App's Android Market URL. You only have to copy the highlighted code and paste it in Admob. 
setting up adsense on mobile 
Now you have your Admob Publisher Id. Copy this. ( Don't click Get Publisher Code ) 
setting up adsense on android app 
setting up adsense on android app 
Now go back to ibuildapp --> My Apps ----> App Management ---- > App Settings 
Scroll down to Advertisement Section and choose Admob. Paste your Publisher ID and Save. 
setting up adsense on android app 
It will take maximum 24 hours to start showing the ads in your app. 
IMPORTANT : Admob had a very good feature which is SHOWING GOOGLE ADS. It means when there is no ad to show in your app, it will show Google Ads in your App. Your earnings in Admob is separate from Adsense. You will get paid via Paypal. 
To enable and must enable this feauture, go to your App's Settings in Admob as shown in image below. 
This is the final overview of your Admob account 
When your admob will be activated within 24 hours, the status color will turn Green.Adsense earnings through mobile app 
2 - Making Money with Direct Advertisers 
Now this is very difficult but can be effective if your app receives good stats. If you have good stats than you can contact any advertiser to advertise in your app but this you have to do manually. As i mentioned at the start of the post that why it is important to publish your app in Market  , this is the answer. You will get the stats only if your App is Published in Market so you can show stats to advertisers from your Market Account.  
Adsense earnings through mobile app 
To put Direct Ads, simply add the banner and the url of the advertiser. Go to Advertisement Section of your app in ibuildapp and instead of Admob option, click HTML option. 
Adsense earnings through mobile app

See Example

setting up adsense on mobile
It appears right at the top of your headlines with a blue out-going arrow that further helps the click through rate. 
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